How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning for your Home

At Climate Environmental we understand that it’s important that you have the best possible air conditioning for you and your home, why would you let yourself suffer through cold winters and hot summers? When it comes to having a new air conditioning unit installed, we take a look at what to consider…
We believe it’s vital that you invest in your new air conditioning unit installation, here’s what you should consider…

Cooling capacity

The cooling capacity of the air conditioner that you’re look at is one of the most important things to find out before you buy. This is because buying an air conditioning system is good but if it makes no effect to the room, then what’s the point. Room size is a factor in this consideration and the areas you should think about should include…

  • The insulation – the insulation of your room has a huge role in how well your air conditioning unit will work, should you have poor insulation in the room then the air from the ac will escape quickly.
  • How many windows – the number of windows is of vital importance, so you should consider how many windows are in the room where you’d like the air conditioning unit installed.
  • Other appliances – should you have other appliances in use in your home and the room which your air conditioning unit is installed then it could cause the air conditioner to have no effect. Appliances like portable heaters can nullify the effects as they’ll blow cool air which is blowing from the unit to warm up quickly.

Energy efficiency

Air conditioners, especially older units are some of the most expensive appliances to run, its vital that you choose an appropriately sized unit because one that is too small won’t meet your demands but then one that is too big will cost you a lot more to run. Before you make your final decision make sure that you identify the units which are capable of adequately cooling your space and then purchase one from that group or brand. This will help to control the energy used up by your air conditioning unit, ensuring that you don’t pay more for something that you could save money on. Making sure that maximum energy efficiency is vital to any homeowner, you could waste a lot of money on an air conditioning unit that doesn’t meet your requirements.

How can we help?

At Climate Environmental when it comes to your new air conditioning installation we can help, we’re experts in the industry and have been working to supply air conditioning systems for a number of years, this has allowed us to hone and develop our skills as air conditioning suppliers, servicing providers and installers. We have a passion for all things air con and with every air con unit we provide we aim to ensure all of our customers are happy. We can also provide with top tips on how to maintain your air conditioning unit, ensuring it lasts the test of time.