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Control the temperature at your home or office with the help of our air conditioning experts at Climate Environmental Ltd.


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Air Conditioning & Cooling

Looking to install an air conditioner for your home? Get a flawless and durable installation from Climate Environmental Ltd. Our experts can design, install or service air conditioning units to suit your individual requirements in or around Farnham.

Efficient Systems

We of Farnham, offer a range of energy efficient systems that will serve you well for many years to come. We can install a air conditioning systems that will control the climate in your property, providing a reliable way of cooling the air.


Are you spending a fortune on your energy bills? An inefficient air conditioner could very well be the reason. However, having regular maintenance can increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and reduce your energy bills.

Optimal Temperature

Air Conditioning Farnham

Control the temperature at your home or office with the help of our air conditioning experts at Climate Environmental Ltd, Farnham. We can install a new air conditioning or we can service your existing one efficiently. Whenever we carry out air conditioning installations in Farnham or the surrounding areas we ensure a professional and efficient installation is carried out. Investing in air conditioning for your Farnham property, can allow you to benefit from more evenly temperature controlled rooms. As your local Farnham air conditioning specialist we can help with everything from installation to repairs and even servicing.

At Climate Environmental Ltd we strive to provide the best possible air conditioning service at a highly competitive price. All of our air conditioning installers are highly trained and are capable of installing all types of both domestic and commercial air conditioning units. When it comes to needing domestic or commercial air conditioning in Farnham, be sure to get in touch with Climate Environmental Ltd and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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Air Conditioning

Climate Environmental specialise in the installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, both in commercial and domestic applications. For the very best air conditioning in Farnham, you know who to call.

Indoor Quality

We pride ourselves on the quality of our systems. All of the air conditioning units we install are made with highly effective filters to ensure the quality of the air is always at its highest. Helping to keep our customers safe and healthy.


Not only do we offer air conditioning systems to cool a room down, we also specialise in systems that can heat a room up. In the cold depths of winter, you can warm your workplace or residence at just a click of a button. RESULT!

Commercial HVAC

Climate Environmental use a range of commercial HVAC products and systems, including ventilators, controls and units to help you maintain, increase or decrease the temperatures of your property with ease.


Climate Environmental are constantly developing the way we work and the team of installers we have here. We pride ourselves on offering some of the highest quality air conditioning in Farnham.

Test & Handover

Once we have fully checked and tested your systems we will hand you the controls and show you how everything works. At this point, it’s over to you. We hope you enjoy living life at a more comfortable temperature.

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Rob and the guys at Climate Environmental recently installed air conditioning at my business. It has made a huge improvement to our office and the people in it. Would highly recommend them and I will be using them in the future for air conditioning servicing.
Harry Oldfield
14:00 20 Sep 17

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