When it comes to air conditioning units and systems, many individuals and businesses use them to keep their property or premises cool. It’s important to ensure that your air con is well maintained or this could lead to a fire breaking out.

What Cause Air Conditioning Fires?

When it comes to air conditioning systems or units, if they don’t have regular servicing carried out then this becomes a potential fire risk. There’s many different things that can cause air con fires, some of which are fault fire dampers, fire and debris as well as worn out filters. However, there’s many other common causes that may lead to your AC catching fire. This includes faulty equipment, malfunctioning control or flammable materials, should they be stored close to the unit or system. The majority of these things will usually be noticed during a maintenance check, so if you don’t have your system checked regularly this could also be a potential fire risk.

Flammable Materials

There a strong chance that you probably store flammable materials near your air conditioning unit and you may not even realise it. Materials like paper, leaves, debris or flammable liquids should be kept at least three metres away. By allowing types of flammable materials near your system or unit, this may lead to a fire breaking out and spreading.

Poor Maintenance and Cleaning

If you don’t have your system cleaned or maintained properly, it’s very likely that a problem could occur. Most people think that systems and units will look after themselves, but this isn’t true and un-maintained systems may lead to fires. It’s also important to ensure that you have all parts of the unit or system cleaning, this covers the coils, air vents and filters. Is there’s anu obstructions in your air con then this may cause a fire.

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Faulty Equipment and Parts

Air con systems which have been neglected are likely to develop problems with their parts, over time parts and the system itself may degrade and faults and issues could start to occur. This could then lead to specific parts failing which then creates a build up of heat, dust or dirt and cause a fire. AC units and systems require regular servicing in order to keep them running smoothly.

Preventing Air Con Fires

There’s a number of things that can be carried out in order to help prevent air conditioning fires, having a proactive approach to fire protection means you can help protect your business, property and the people in it. Below we take a look at some of the most effective ways to prevent air conditioning fires from happening.

Maintenance & Servicing

The importance of having regular air con servicing and maintenance carried out is paramount to keep your system clean and fully functioning. Any air con service should be provided by a skilled professional, this will make sure that a comprehensive and thorough service is provided. At Climate Environmental we provide professional air con services.

Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinklers are one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of fire, there’s a range of companies out there that offer a sprinkler system and now these systems can be concealed as they’re designed to blend in with the decor. Sprinklers can be placed throughout a whole building with only certain parts triggering in the event of a fire, protecting your property without causing a large amount of water damage.

Fire Dampers

Fire dampers are a piece of equipment used in cooling, ventilation and heating systems. We install fire dampers into all types of ventilation systems. A fire damper will trigger once the temperature in the vents reaches a certain level. When this happen, the fuse in the damper will melt which release a door that cuts off the air flow.