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Is your room too hot in the Summer and too cold in the Winter? If this is the case, Climate Environmental have the solution. Our air conditioning installations are perfect for keeping any room at the temperature you wish, be it hot or cold. So if you’re looking for a smart and cost effective solution to the right optimal temperature, Climate Environmental are the professional air conditioning experts in Basingstoke to choose.

Upon choosing to have air conditioning in Basingstoke, you will be able to stay in control of your home or office at any time. In just a few clicks of a button, you can change the temperature of a room, allowing you to make it as warm or cold as you prefer. We have a number of air conditioning systems and units to choose from all of which are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial premises. If you’re interested in having air conditioning fitted, then all you need to do is get in touch with Climate Environmental.

Air Conditioning Installations across Basingstoke

At Climate Environmental when it comes to the air conditioning installations we provide across Basingstoke, they only involve products from leading manufacturers as well as offering the best service possible. Our team of professional air conditioning installers are known across the local Basingstoke area for the services they provide, with a large selection of air conditioning units available,at Climate Environmental, we go beyond the port of call for all of our customers.

Air conditioning systems move heat from inside the property to outside, this is through pulling the heat out of the air and blowing cold air into your property instead. At Climate Environmental we have years of experience in air con units, whether you require domestic air conditioning for your home or a commercial air conditioning installation, we’ve got you covered.

Professional Air Conditioning Services

Climate Environmental are home to a team of experts and we always aim to ensure that everyone of our customers is happy, our engineers will work with you closely from the beginning of the project, this is to make sure we meet all of your requirements. Whether you’re in need of home air conditioning or commercial air conditioning services at your Basingstoke property, you can trust that you’ve come to the right place, we put customers at the forefront of everything we do and if they’re not happy, then neither are we.

When it comes to the air conditioning installation process, this will involve analysing your space and your air con requirements, next we’ll discuss the options available to you and help you to choose a new air conditioning system that’s suitable to your needs. Should be looking for air con contractors in Basingstoke, make sure you call Climate Environmental today.

Types of Air Conditioning

We have a range of air conditioning systems and unit to choose from. As air conditioning specialists, we can advise on the best type of air conditioning for your property. Our air con units are best suited for domestic and commercial properties, as they can easily be moved to other areas of the building if necessary. In addition to air con units, we also offer a number of air conditioning systems all of which are perfectly suited for a number of building and purposes. Whether you’re in need of air con for you home, office or somewhere else then Climate Environmental has you covered.

Bespoke Air Conditioning Unit Installers

At Climate Environmental, we provide a selection of air con units for both residential and commercial properties in Basingstoke. We can assist with finding the most suitable air con unit for your requirements and ensure that we install a quality system. We understand that every client is different and requires a different air conditioner, which is why we every client receives a custom installation service. As well as air conditioning installations, we also specialise in servicing and air con repairs, for more information, call our team today.

Benefits of Air Conditioning

Choosing to have air conditioning installed in your property in Basingstoke comes with an array of benefits. Climate Environmental have came up with 5 of our favourite which we believe the be the most beneficial. The five benefits of air conditioning we have chosen area:

  1. Convenience – You control the temperature
  2. Perfect temperature all year round
  3. Improves health
  4. Better quality of air
  5. Reduced bills

Now that you’re in control of the temperature, there’s no need to be left cold or too hot. Simply turn on your air conditioning and set it to the right temperature for you.

Why Have Air Conditioning Systems Installed?

You can also say goodbye to the Winter and Summer from coming inside your home. Now, with your air conditioning in Basingstoke, you only need to set your air conditioning going to either warm up or cool down. Perfect! Air conditioning systems can actually improve your health. Due to the system circulating the air around and replacing it with new, fresh air, your body isn’t taking in the same repeated air over and over.

Your air conditioning system will produce only the best quality air for your home or business. This is due to the fact the air conditioning will produce new air throughout the room, giving you a crisp and untouched feeling. With air conditioning, you will notice a vast improvement in your bills. This is due to the fact that you will no need to depend upon your heating, and your air conditioning will only ever need to be on when you need it. No more waiting hours for your house to warm up, with air conditioning you will have the right temperature in your room quickly and efficiently.

For Air Conditioning in Basingstoke Call Climate Environmental

If you’re interested in having air conditioning in Basingstoke, Climate Environmental are by far the professionals to call on. Why? Because we have years of experience in air conditioning installations across Basingstoke. So regardless of the size of the room, our air conditioning is sure to make drastic changes to the current condition and temperature of your property. Suitable for both home and business use, our engineers can install air conditioning systems in Basingstoke to suit any requirement. No matter your needs for air conditioning, Climate Environmental can help. Simply call us today on 01252 851 114 to talk through your needs for air conditioning in Basingstoke. An expert engineer from our team at Climate Environmental will be more than happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning

How often should I have my air conditioning maintained?

Domestic units that are not in constant use, will typically need looking at once a year to ensure they keep running smoothly. Air con units that are in offices should be maintained at least twice per year to keep them running at their optimum level. Areas with high levels of contaminants such as kitchens and hairdressers will need to have their units or systems maintained much more regularly.

What is the best air conditioner to choose? 

The best air conditioning system or unit will depend on your requirements and the budget you have available. When you choose Climate Environmental, we’ll ensure you choose the best air con system for your property. From domestic to commercial systems, we have all of you air conditioning needs covered.

What happens if my air conditioning is too small for my room?

If your air conditioning is too small for your room then it will be too hard to maintain a consistent temperature. This will mean your system will try to keep the room cool, when it isn’t capable of doing which could lead to problems occurring with your unit or system.

If my air conditioning breaks can you repair it for me?

Yes! We can repair all makes and models of air conditioning and we always aim to repair before replacing. One of the best ways to avoid repairs is to have your air conditioning serviced regularly.

What types of building can you install air conditioning in?

As one of the leading air conditioning companies in Basingstoke, we are capable of installing air con in all types of buildings. We offer air conditioning for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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