Noises Your Air Conditioning Might Make

Sometimes air conditioning units and systems will make noises and it can be quite concerning. Whilst most noises only happen once and can be a one off occurrence, when they repeatedly happen it could be the sign of a problem with your system. Below we’ll explain about a few common noises and what course of action to need to take to resolve the problem.

Air Con Maintenance

1. Air Conditioning Making A Humming Sound

If your air con is making a humming sound, then it’s not because it’s singing along to your music, it’ll likely need a good clean. Dust and dirt regularly build up in air con and can obstruct the circulation of the unit which leads to an eerie hissing sound occurring. Some build up might be one the outside of your unit, so you’ll be able to clean it yourself. However, if the build up is inside, then you’ll need an expert to come and clean out your air con for you.

2. Hissing Noise From The Air Con

Hissing sounds are hard to diagnose as they can be caused by any number of problems. If you’re air conditioning is continuing to make a hissing sound and you’re worried about it, then the only course of action is to call an air conditioning technician such as Climate Environmental. We’ll diagnose where the noise is coming from exactly and provide you with the best possible solution to stop that hissing sound once and for all.

3. Your Unit Sounds Like It’s Bubbling

Larger air conditioning systems will start to bubble when the refrigerant levels are running low in your system. Whilst this can happen sometimes overtime, it’s likely that you’re suffering from a leak. Trying to resolve a cooling liquid problem isn’t something you should try on your own and that’s why you need to call in an AC technician to carry out repair for you.

4. Banging Noises Coming From Your AC unit or system

Air con will put in all sorts of debris and the system itself will rattle overtime, however if you’re hearing banging sounds then it’s a problem you need to address. It’s likely that something such as a bolt, screw or even spring might have come loose in your air conditioner and that’s an easy problem to fix. However, repetitive banging could be the sign of a much more serious problem, such as the motor blowing. Regardless of what might be causing the noise, it’s always best to have a professional check your system and carry out the appropriate repairs.

5. Screeching Sounds Coming From Your Air Conditioning

One of the most common reasons for a screeching sound to occur with your unit or system is when then fan belt has come loose or has became worn. If this is the case then the best solution is to have a repair carried out by a trained and experienced expert.

It’s Time to Have A Repair Carried Out

Whenever you’re suffering from problems with your air conditioning, it’s always best to have a repair carried out by a trained professional such as Climate Environmental. We offer professional and efficient repairs and we’ll always find the best solution for our customers air conditioning problem.