Top 4 Ways Air Con Maintenance Can Help Reduce Allergies

With spring just around the corner and summer not that far away, it’s likely you’ll be using your air conditioning more. But did you know that air conditioning can have a negative impact on people suffering from allergies especially when you don’t maintain your air con correctly.

For watery eyes to soar throats, congestion to sinus pressure, it’s no fun being someone who suffers from allergies. Having regular maintenance carried out will help to ensure that your air conditioning runs smoothly and the people in your home or business aren’t suffering either.

Top 4 Ways To Combat Allergies


Do you remember to clean you filters out month in month out? Don’t worry if you don’t it’s common for people not to do it on a monthly basis. However, by not cleaning or changing your filters the air quality can severely be reduced. With regular cleaning by yourself or an air conditioning technician, the air quality in your home or business will drastically improve. Get in touch today and one of the Climate Environmental team will be happy to arrange a maintenance check for you.

Air Ducts

Many people have the air ducts of their air con systems cleaned as part of their regular or annual maintenance checks; and that’s perfectly fine. However, during the winter all sorts of bugs, insects, dirt and debris can get into and build up in your system. Mould can also build up and this can have a detrimental effect on both people do and don’t suffer from allergies. Turning on your air conditioning without cleaning then will spread mould spores throughout your home or business. If you haven’t used your air con in a while then it’s best to have the air ducts cleaned before you decide to use it.

Expert Recommendations

If you haven’t used your air conditioning in a while or you’ve just moved into a new home or business premises, then it’s always best to speak to a professional before turning the system on. Firing a system up that haven’t been used in a while could lead to problems occurring, having an expert check it before use will ensure the system is safe to use and it will also help to identify any problems. Meaning you can have them repaired before they turn into major problems.


Most AC units have a drainage hole near the base of the cabinet. Over the winter gunk can build up there and block drainage. When the spring rains come and the air starts getting more humidity in it, the unit or condenser pan can become home to standing water. Standing water will likely lead to a build up of mould which is a nightmare for any allergy sufferer. Having your system cleaned thoroughly before use will help to ensure the air being pumped into your home is clean and clear of mould spores.

If you’re in need of your any type of air conditioning maintenance carried out, then be sure to get in touch with Climate Environmental. We have been carrying our air conditioning repairs and maintenance for customers for many years and are well-known for the service that we offer to our customers.