Air Conditioning Units for the Office

If your employees are constantly nagging you about the temperatures in your office, it might be time to consider having air conditioning installed.

Research states that room ventilation and temperature can seriously affect how office workers perform, with alertness often dictated by the temperatures in the room. Without air conditioning, you might be at risk of ‘low productivity’ employees, struggling to work in chilly conditions or sticky, warm weather.

The Best Conditions for Working

When it comes to office-based tasks, such as proof-reading, creative thinking or working at a computer, you need the ideal working conditions for your employees to be as productive as possible, thus making your business tick.

According to a number of reports, carried out by the likes of BBC and HSE, the ideal working temperatures for an office-based environment are between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius, though further reports since then have stated that the ideal working conditions are higher than this still.

During the summer months temperatures can soar past this, with the heat of machines, bodies and sunshine hitting the walls, windows and roof of the office. Without air conditioning, conditions can creep more towards the 30 degree mark and more, making it extremely uncomfortable for employees to work.

Sitting in temperatures this high indoors is not the easiest, let alone working. With that in mind, air conditioning should be a priority for any business owner looking to create comfortable and happy working conditions for its employees. Before you go ahead and start purchasing air conditioning however, there are a several factors you need to consider. We have listed these below:

  • Find out what the thermal unit rating is. A higher rating means that the air con unit will be able to remove the heat from the room and keep the temperature cool. The size of your office space will dictate what the raring is.
  • Determine how much energy will be needed to power the unit. Air conditioning units can be expensive if they are left on for a long time, so to save more money it’s advisable that you choose one with high energy efficiency to use less energy.
  • Take the time to find out how the temperature is controlled. Air conditioning units with thermostats will allow you to control the temperature. It’s also worth considering a unit with a remote control to make life easy when changing the temperatures.
  • Consider how you will set about cleaning the unit. Is it easy to maintain or will you need to get help to clean it? Finding a unit with an easy-to-remove filter will make life easy in the long run. Cleaning the filter will make sure the unit is as energy efficient as possible.
  • Look for air conditioning units that generate a lot of air throughout the room whilst not producing much sound.


If you are looking to have air conditioning installed in your office, it’s a wise idea to choose a quality system, such as an LG air conditioning unit or a Mitsubishi air conditioning unit. This will usually ensure you have an energy efficient, long-lasting, quality system that will cool the air in your office effectively.

When you need air conditioning installers in the local area, you can depend on Climate Environmental to safely and correctly install your units for you.

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