What Is R22 Phase Out?

R22 has is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon, HCFC, which is commonly used in air conditioning, process cooling and industrial refrigeration. Since 1st January 2015 it have been illegal to use R22 to main or repair your air conditioning.

While you can still use your air conditioning, the legislation means you can’t use additional R22 Gas to maintain or repair your system. This means if you have any problems then you might be in need of new system or unit.

What Is The Legislation Behind R22?

The EC Ozone Regulation was introduced to help phase out HCFCs including the R22 gas which is used in refrigeration and air conditioning. Since January 2015 it has been illegal to use new, recycled or reclaimed R22 to maintain or repair systems and units.

If you are currently using a system that uses R22 and are wanting to continue using your air con then it’s best to start planning ahead for a new system before a repair is needed on your current. If a repair is needed on your current system then it’s more than likely you’ll need a new one.

What Are The Reasons For The R22 Legislation?

R22 gas is commonly used in air conditioning, process cooling and industrial refrigeration. Since 2004 it has been banned for use in new equipment in the UK. The ban has been put into place because HCFCs are ozone-depleting substances. This means that when the hydrochlorofluorocarbon is released into the air they react with it, which the leads to the ozone layer being damaged.

This then results in greater UV radiation which reaches the earth’s surface, causing wide-ranging environmental effects. Proven research has shown rises in skin cancer, cataracts and sunburn, smaller and lower quality crop yields and destructive changes to ecosystems. There are more regulations coming into force which will continue to limit the use of HFCs in refrigeration by 2030. The overall aim is to shift to climate friendly technology wherever possible.

Do I Need To Act?

If you don’t take action soon, then it could lead to serious implications for yourself or your business. It’s important that you act immediately and start looking for an alternative to your current system, whether this be an emergency replacement or your current system decommissioned until a new one is installed. The last thing you’d want is your current system breaking and not being able to repair it. If you do nothing your business could be left with without refrigeration or air conditioning. Should you be in need of new air conditioning, then be sure to get in touch with Climate Environmental.