Common Air Conditioning Problems

Most Common Problems To Happen With Air Con There are many problems that can arise with air conditioning and most will need a professional contractor to carry out a repair on them. Whether it’s a small problem or larger issue, not having it repaired could prevent you from using your air conditioning. Some of the […]

Posted on Tue July 25th 2017 by Climate Environmental

What’s Involved In Domestic Air Conditioning Installations?

What to Consider When Having Domestic Air Con Installed There are many different factors to consider when choosing a new air con unit or system. Air conditioners can vary in price, energy efficiency and cooling capacity. Most units or systems will have a range of basic and additional special features to choose from. The type […]

Posted on Tue June 20th 2017 by Climate Environmental

Combined Air Conditioning and Heating Units

What Is A Combined Unit? Most of us typically take heating and cooling for granted. We’ll expect the heating to keep us warm during the winter and the air con to keep us cool during summer. Having one system to manage both can help to save you money and provided a more temperature controlled environment. […]

Posted on Tue June 20th 2017 by Climate Environmental

The Cost of Home Air Conditioning

How Much Does It Cost To Install Air Conditioning In A House? The cost of air conditioning in the home can range from the hundreds to the thousands and will depend on a number of factors. We take into consideration everything from the type of system to the amount of labour involved. We believe in […]

Posted on Tue June 20th 2017 by Climate Environmental

Get Ready For Summer With New Air Conditioning

Why Buy An Air Con Unit? Summer is a time of year we all look forward to enjoying. However, when you’re spending time in the home it might be time to invest in some new air conditioning. Air con can help to keep your home cool during both the day and night. There’s nothing worse […]

Posted on Fri May 19th 2017 by Climate Environmental