How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning for your Home

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning for your Home At Climate Environmental we understand that it’s important that you have the best possible air conditioning for you and your home, why would you let yourself suffer through cold winters and hot summers? When it comes to having a new air conditioning unit installed, we […]

Posted on Tue May 22nd 2018 by Climate Environmental

Air Conditioning & Fire Safety

When it comes to air conditioning units and systems, many individuals and businesses use them to keep their property or premises cool. It’s important to ensure that your air con is well maintained or this could lead to a fire breaking out. What Cause Air Conditioning Fires? When it comes to air conditioning systems or […]

Posted on Tue May 15th 2018 by Climate Environmental

Ductwork – All you need to know

  Your heating and cooling system is essentially the lungs of your home or premises, the system takes air in and breathes air out, through normal living and working to a large amounts of contaminants and air pollutants including dander, dust, chemicals, which get pulled into the HVAC system and are recirculated throughout the day. […]

Posted on Fri May 11th 2018 by Climate Environmental

Top Five Benefits of Good Air Conditioning

Top Five Benefits of Good Air Conditioning

Top Five Benefits of Good Air Conditioning It goes without saying sunny days are the best days, and Britain is in for a heatwave this summer promising hotter days ahead! However, all this heat can come with some serious consequences to human life and health which makes the use of air conditioning very important, making […]

Posted on Wed May 9th 2018 by Climate Environmental

Air Conditioning Units for the Office

Air Con Winchester

Air Conditioning Units for the Office If your employees are constantly nagging you about the temperatures in your office, it might be time to consider having air conditioning installed. Research states that room ventilation and temperature can seriously affect how office workers perform, with alertness often dictated by the temperatures in the room. Without air […]

Posted on Fri May 4th 2018 by Climate Environmental

5 Air Conditioning Noises Explained

Noises Your Air Conditioning Might Make Sometimes air conditioning units and systems will make noises and it can be quite concerning. Whilst most noises only happen once and can be a one off occurrence, when they repeatedly happen it could be the sign of a problem with your system. Below we’ll explain about a few […]

Posted on Fri January 12th 2018 by Climate Environmental

Air Conditioning Maintenance and Allergy Control

Top 4 Ways Air Con Maintenance Can Help Reduce Allergies With spring just around the corner and summer not that far away, it’s likely you’ll be using your air conditioning more. But did you know that air conditioning can have a negative impact on people suffering from allergies especially when you don’t maintain your air […]

Posted on Mon January 8th 2018 by Climate Environmental

Why You Should Use Winter Air Conditioning?

Why You Should Use Winter Air Conditioning? The term air conditioning makes people immediately think of a system to cool you down when it starts to get too warm. Many people wouldn’t think to use think use winter air conditioning; especially when temperatures start to drop. However, most air conditioning systems are capable of heating […]

Posted on Mon November 13th 2017 by Climate Environmental

3 Reasons You Should Invest In New Air Conditioning

New Energy Efficient AC Units/Systems Are you using air conditioning and your bills are atrociously high? Then it might be time to switch to a more energy efficient home cooling system. Investing in a new and more energy efficient model can help to save you money. Monthly energy bills ae hugely influenced by the amount […]

Posted on Thu October 12th 2017 by Climate Environmental

R22 Phase Out

What Is R22 Phase Out? R22 has is a hydrochlorofluorocarbon, HCFC, which is commonly used in air conditioning, process cooling and industrial refrigeration. Since 1st January 2015 it have been illegal to use R22 to main or repair your air conditioning. While you can still use your air conditioning, the legislation means you can’t use […]

Posted on Tue July 25th 2017 by Climate Environmental