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Air Conditioning Units for the Office

If your employees are constantly nagging you about the temperatures in your office, it might be time to consider having air conditioning installed.

Research states that room ventilation and temperature can seriously affect how office workers perform, with alertness often dictated by the temperatures in the room. Without air conditioning, you might be at risk of ‘low productivity’ employees, struggling to work in chilly conditions or sticky, warm weather.

The Best Conditions for Working

When it comes to office-based tasks, such as proof-reading, creative thinking or working at a computer, you need the ideal working conditions for your employees to be as productive as possible, thus making your business tick.

According to a number of reports, carried out by the likes of BBC and HSE, the ideal working temperatures for an office-based environment are between 21 and 23 degrees Celsius, though further reports since then have stated that the ideal working conditions are higher than this still.

During the summer months temperatures can soar past this, with the heat of machines, bodies and sunshine hitting the walls, windows and roof of the office. Without air conditioning, conditions can creep more towards the 30 degree mark and more, making it extremely uncomfortable for employees to work.

Sitting in temperatures this high indoors is not the easiest, let alone working. With that in mind, air conditioning should be a priority for any business owner looking to create comfortable and happy working conditions for its employees. Before you go ahead and start purchasing air conditioning however, there are a several factors you need to consider. We have listed these below:

  • Find out what the thermal unit rating is. A higher rating means that the air con unit will be able to remove the heat from the room and keep the temperature cool. The size of your office space will dictate what the raring is.
  • Determine how much energy will be needed to power the unit. Air conditioning units can be expensive if they are left on for a long time, so to save more money it’s advisable that you choose one with high energy efficiency to use less energy.
  • Take the time to find out how the temperature is controlled. Air conditioning units with thermostats will allow you to control the temperature. It’s also worth considering a unit with a remote control to make life easy when changing the temperatures.
  • Consider how you will set about cleaning the unit. Is it easy to maintain or will you need to get help to clean it? Finding a unit with an easy-to-remove filter will make life easy in the long run. Cleaning the filter will make sure the unit is as energy efficient as possible.
  • Look for air conditioning units that generate a lot of air throughout the room whilst not producing much sound.


If you are looking to have air conditioning installed in your office, it’s a wise idea to choose a quality system, such as an LG air conditioning unit or a Mitsubishi air conditioning unit. This will usually ensure you have an energy efficient, long-lasting, quality system that will cool the air in your office effectively.

When you need air conditioning installers in the local area, you can depend on Climate Environmental to safely and correctly install your units for you.

Contact us today if you wish to obtain an installation quote. One of our helpful engineers will gladly assist you.

Noises Your Air Conditioning Might Make

Sometimes air conditioning units and systems will make noises and it can be quite concerning. Whilst most noises only happen once and can be a one off occurrence, when they repeatedly happen it could be the sign of a problem with your system. Below we’ll explain about a few common noises and what course of action to need to take to resolve the problem.

Air Con Maintenance

1. Air Conditioning Making A Humming Sound

If your air con is making a humming sound, then it’s not because it’s singing along to your music, it’ll likely need a good clean. Dust and dirt regularly build up in air con and can obstruct the circulation of the unit which leads to an eerie hissing sound occurring. Some build up might be one the outside of your unit, so you’ll be able to clean it yourself. However, if the build up is inside, then you’ll need an expert to come and clean out your air con for you.

2. Hissing Noise From The Air Con

Hissing sounds are hard to diagnose as they can be caused by any number of problems. If you’re air conditioning is continuing to make a hissing sound and you’re worried about it, then the only course of action is to call an air conditioning technician such as Climate Environmental. We’ll diagnose where the noise is coming from exactly and provide you with the best possible solution to stop that hissing sound once and for all.

3. Your Unit Sounds Like It’s Bubbling

Larger air conditioning systems will start to bubble when the refrigerant levels are running low in your system. Whilst this can happen sometimes overtime, it’s likely that you’re suffering from a leak. Trying to resolve a cooling liquid problem isn’t something you should try on your own and that’s why you need to call in an AC technician to carry out repair for you.

4. Banging Noises Coming From Your AC unit or system

Air con will put in all sorts of debris and the system itself will rattle overtime, however if you’re hearing banging sounds then it’s a problem you need to address. It’s likely that something such as a bolt, screw or even spring might have come loose in your air conditioner and that’s an easy problem to fix. However, repetitive banging could be the sign of a much more serious problem, such as the motor blowing. Regardless of what might be causing the noise, it’s always best to have a professional check your system and carry out the appropriate repairs.

5. Screeching Sounds Coming From Your Air Conditioning

One of the most common reasons for a screeching sound to occur with your unit or system is when then fan belt has come loose or has became worn. If this is the case then the best solution is to have a repair carried out by a trained and experienced expert.

It’s Time to Have A Repair Carried Out

Whenever you’re suffering from problems with your air conditioning, it’s always best to have a repair carried out by a trained professional such as Climate Environmental. We offer professional and efficient repairs and we’ll always find the best solution for our customers air conditioning problem.

Top 4 Ways Air Con Maintenance Can Help Reduce Allergies

With spring just around the corner and summer not that far away, it’s likely you’ll be using your air conditioning more. But did you know that air conditioning can have a negative impact on people suffering from allergies especially when you don’t maintain your air con correctly.

For watery eyes to soar throats, congestion to sinus pressure, it’s no fun being someone who suffers from allergies. Having regular maintenance carried out will help to ensure that your air conditioning runs smoothly and the people in your home or business aren’t suffering either.

Top 4 Ways To Combat Allergies


Do you remember to clean you filters out month in month out? Don’t worry if you don’t it’s common for people not to do it on a monthly basis. However, by not cleaning or changing your filters the air quality can severely be reduced. With regular cleaning by yourself or an air conditioning technician, the air quality in your home or business will drastically improve. Get in touch today and one of the Climate Environmental team will be happy to arrange a maintenance check for you.

Air Ducts

Many people have the air ducts of their air con systems cleaned as part of their regular or annual maintenance checks; and that’s perfectly fine. However, during the winter all sorts of bugs, insects, dirt and debris can get into and build up in your system. Mould can also build up and this can have a detrimental effect on both people do and don’t suffer from allergies. Turning on your air conditioning without cleaning then will spread mould spores throughout your home or business. If you haven’t used your air con in a while then it’s best to have the air ducts cleaned before you decide to use it.

Expert Recommendations

If you haven’t used your air conditioning in a while or you’ve just moved into a new home or business premises, then it’s always best to speak to a professional before turning the system on. Firing a system up that haven’t been used in a while could lead to problems occurring, having an expert check it before use will ensure the system is safe to use and it will also help to identify any problems. Meaning you can have them repaired before they turn into major problems.


Most AC units have a drainage hole near the base of the cabinet. Over the winter gunk can build up there and block drainage. When the spring rains come and the air starts getting more humidity in it, the unit or condenser pan can become home to standing water. Standing water will likely lead to a build up of mould which is a nightmare for any allergy sufferer. Having your system cleaned thoroughly before use will help to ensure the air being pumped into your home is clean and clear of mould spores.

If you’re in need of your any type of air conditioning maintenance carried out, then be sure to get in touch with Climate Environmental. We have been carrying our air conditioning repairs and maintenance for customers for many years and are well-known for the service that we offer to our customers.

Why You Should Use Winter Air Conditioning?

The term air conditioning makes people immediately think of a system to cool you down when it starts to get too warm. Many people wouldn’t think to use think use winter air conditioning; especially when temperatures start to drop. However, most air conditioning systems are capable of heating and cooling; meaning their suitable to be used all year around.

Using air conditioning doesn’t mean that freezing air is blasted into the home or your business premises, rather that the air conditioning operates in a reverse cycle to warm the air. In fact, winter air conditioning is one of the most affordable and economical heating systems you can. Using your air conditioning during the winter can be a much more cost effective way to heat your home or premises.

Domestic Units


Benefits of Using Air Conditioning During The Winter

Air conditioning as is offers a range of great benefits, however when used during the winter it has a number of other benefits. Winter air con can be used as an air filtration system, which is perfect for when spaces become busy and musty during the winter months.

Using air con can help to keep your home or premises free from dust and other pollens or pollutants; which also helps to prevent the spread of germs and harmful bacteria. In addition to helping to keep clear and fresh air, they also help to warm your property. The system reverses the flow of air which then begins to warm up and is pushed back into your room.

Air Con for Offices and Retail Spaces

It is not just homes that benefit from an air conditioning system to use all year round. All types of offices and retail spaces can benefit too. Research shows that with good quality air conditioning systems, productivity and efficiency improve. Workers also demonstrate better performance. Clearly apart from the other benefits, winter air conditioning to keep employees warm is every bit as important as keeping them cool in summer time.

What Types of Air Con Should I Choose?

There are a number of different air conditioning solutions in the market. For homes wanting a summer and winter air conditioning system there are different kinds of systems such as ceiling, floor systems, integrated and wall mounted.

The different types of air conditioning systems ensure there is one to suit your budget and your environment. Many air conditioning units can be integrated into your home or business premises to blend in discretely. It’s important that your air conditioning looks stylish as it will help to improve its longevity.

If you’re interested in having an air conditioning system installed in your home or business premises that you can use all year around, then all you need to do is get in touch with Climate Environmental. We have years of experience installing all types of air con. Our team will help you to choose the best type of air conditioning for your home or business premises.

New Energy Efficient AC Units/Systems

Are you using air conditioning and your bills are atrociously high? Then it might be time to switch to a more energy efficient home cooling system. Investing in a new and more energy efficient model can help to save you money.

Monthly energy bills ae hugely influenced by the amount of cooling and heating you do in your property. However, air conditioning is important to keep your property at a controlled temperature all year around.

3 Reasons To Invest

There are a number of reasons you should invest in new and more energy efficient air conditioning units and systems. Some of the reasons to invest in new air con are:

Save on the Energy Bill

The majority of energy bills come from using air conditioning and heating in your property. The amount of energy it takes to run air conditioning can be huge, especially when you have an older and less efficient system.

A more energy efficient unit or system can cut down your energy bills; helping to save you money. Units or systems that are much more energy efficient will last longer and save you money in the long run. At Climate Environmental, we can advise on the best type of air conditioning for your needs.

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

Environmentally Friendly

The amount of energy people consume across the globe is astronomical and it’s astonishing to think that most of it comes from people running heating and cool equipment. Many modern units and systems cut down the total amount of energy they use.

Investing in a more energy efficient unit means you can cut your carbon footprint. The more people using energy efficient air conditioning means the total carbon impact is reduced. All of the units and systems we install are designed to be more environmentally friendly.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits and reasons for you to invest in energy efficient air conditioning is the saving of money. Whilst the initial investment might be large, the overall savings you can make are huge.

It’s been proven that more energy efficient units and systems can reduce energy bills, which means there’s less of a monthly impact in your pocket or your company’s finances.

What To Do Next?

If you’re interested in new air con for your property then be sure to get in touch with Climate Environmental. Our team can provide expert advice and guidance to ensure that your property is fitted with a more energy efficient model.

Why Buy An Air Con Unit?

Summer is a time of year we all look forward to enjoying. However, when you’re spending time in the home it might be time to invest in some new air conditioning. Air con can help to keep your home cool during both the day and night.

There’s nothing worse than being laid in bed during the summer and being unable to sleep because you can’t cool down. Well this can all change with a quality air conditioner, the cool air will mean you can sleep much easier during those long hot summer nights.

There are many different units to choose from including integrated, freestanding, industrial and many more. Not all units needs to be big ugly mechanical systems, there are now many discrete units to choose from that can easily blend into walls or the outside of your home.

With years of industry experience our team of experts can advise on the best type of air conditioning unit for either your home or business. From small units to window fitted systems, we have all your needs covered.

Benefits Of Having Air Con During The Summer

It’s not just about staying cool there air many great benefits of having air conditioning to use during those summer months including:

  • Energy Efficient – Most modern units and systems are designed to be more energy efficient. With many being able to heat and cool spaces, reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint.
  • Controlled Environment – Many of our systems can quickly adapt to temperature changes meaning you can keep the room at the temperature you desire.
  • Reduces Humidity – Everyone hates to be hot and sticky during the warm weather. Air conditioning systems will remove the excess moisture from the room creating a more comfortable environment.
  • Improved Air Quality – Air conditioning systems contain filters that keep the air circulating around your room; improving the overall air quality
  • Silent Operation – You don’t need to worry about noisy systems, many of the modern systems we offer operate so quietly you’ll barely even notice them

Wondering What System To Choose We Can Help

You might find it difficult to choose that all important new air conditioning system. But when you choose Climate Environmental our team of experts can help you decide on the best type of system for your requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of air con systems suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. In addition to supplying the unit/system we can also install it for you.

All of our systems are manufactured to some of the highest industry standards. They are designed to provide energy efficient cooling systems for your home or business. We believe in supplying quality units at affordable prices.